网赌正规网站 offers a variety of undergraduate majors, master’s and doctoral degree programs in many fields of study.

网赌正规网站 Majors and Graduate Programs

Students across campus assist our top-notch faculty with their research, applying concepts from the classroom to solve real-world problems.  Learn more about our fully accredited academic programs.

Alphabetical list of majors and minors

Alphabetical list of graduate programs


Academic Programs by College

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Gregory Lardy, Dean
Morrill Hall ~ (701) 231-7426

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs


College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

David Bertolini, Dean
Minard Hall ~ 701.231.8338

College of Business

Scott Beaulier, Dean
Barry Hall ~ 701.231.8651

College of Engineering

Michael Kessler, Dean
Engineering Administration ~ 701.231.7494

College of Health Professions

Charles D. Peterson, Dean
Sudro Hall ~ 701.231.7609

College of Human Sciences and Education

Jill Nelson, Associate Dean
E. Morrow Lebedeff Hall ~ 701.231.8211

College of Science and Mathematics

Kimberly Wallin, Dean
Minard Hall ~ 701.231.7411

College of Graduate and Interdisciplinary Studies

Benton Duncan, Interim Dean
Putnam Hall ~ 701.231.7033